About Us

about us

Our vision has always been simple: a large open site, sleeping under canvas with a good camp fire, filled with people having a great time, creating happy memories for over 10 years. 

Murray, our founder, packed up his city bags a few years ago and set about making this vision a reality. After pitching his tent far and wide in search of the perfect sites, he started Embers Camping in 2013.  We have built Embers to be the sustainable holiday destination of choice for many people - actually 200,000 and counting!

It will give you a healthy dose of outdoor goodness, leaving you exhausted from hiking, pitching tents, making campfires, meeting friends, kids playing feral and the early morning chorus waking you up at dawn!  

To this day we remain true to our promise of offering camping exactly the way it should be. 

embers cares

embers cares

At the heart of all of this is a clean, safe and natural setting - we are now a Carbon Positive Brand!  It is an achievement we are very proud of since opening our first campsite in 2013 as one of the most eco-friendly overnight stays in the United Kingdom.

The ethos was to deliver the best outdoor camping holiday, whilst keeping our low carbon credentials a leader in the market.  From water reducing valves on washroom taps, solar PV power heating hot water for showers to lithium ion battery storage for overnight energy use, Embers has delivered an operation that looks after the land we manage and enhance our surroundings. We have recently eliminated almost all single use plastic on site and 99%+ of our waste is recycled or turned into heat energy for power - meaning less than 1% ends in landfill. 

We have done all of this, but not comprised on what we offer our customers in terms of facilities such as hot showers, flushing loos all in a beautifully designed oak framed building.  We have come along way since we started, but the journey at Embers still continues so that our natural environment flourishes for future generations to enjoy! 

To review our industry leading review called "Footprints: The Sustainable Camping Review" please download here.

Embers is leading the Way in Sustainable Tourism

Embers is leading the Way in Sustainable Tourism

Why plant trees? What journey are we on to reduce climate change? For the past few centuries, especially since the industrial revolution, we have depleted the earth's natural resources, birdlife and wildlife whilst emitting carbon into the atmosphere with a detrimental effect on the environment we live in.  As a result of the planet heating up, we face many challenges on all fronts.  

Planting trees will help to rebuild the eco-systems that are struggling or those that have been eliminated.  So from 2022, £1 will be added to each booking at Embers which will plant one tree. Effectively making travel to each campsite carbon free (one tree offsets 750 miles of travel in a standard vehicle).  Embers will match this spend as we are all on the ‘sustainable journey’ together making Embers the best sustainable destination out there, without compromising on what we offer.  

Embers Camping has donated £7,500 to the Woodland Trust, a company limited by guarantee (Company Number: 1982873) and a registered charity, Charity Number England and Wales: No. 294344, Scotland No. SC038885 whose registered office is at Kempton Way, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 6LL to absorb 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide, through the planting of at least 1281 trees, helping with our strategy to reduce our business carbon footprint”

Embers is up for the challenge - let's start today!