About Us

about us

Our vision has always been simple: a large open site, filled only with happy people, great times, canvas tents and a good camp fire.

Murray, our founder, packed up his city bags a few years ago and set about making this vision a reality. After pitching his tent far and wide in search of the perfect sites, he started Embers Camping in 2013.  We have built Embers to be the sustainable holiday destination of choice for many people - actually 140,000 and counting!

It will give you a dose of healthy outdoor goodness, leaving you exhausted from hiking, pitching tents, making campfires, meeting friends, kids playing feral and the early morning chorus waking you up at dawn!  

At the heart of all of this, is a clean, safe and natural setting  - we are 95% sustainable!  It is an achievement we are very proud of from heating our water with Solar PV and getting rid of single use plastic, to recycling waste onsite & using compostable coffee cups.  

To this day we remain true to our promise of offering camping exactly the way it should be.